Here at The Macbeth, we pride ourselves on being one of the prime locations for live music and fantastic events in East London for over two centuries. The stage at The Macbeth provides musicians with an excellent array of equipment at their disposal, regardless of the genre. Our backline equipment includes:

1x Soundcraft 24 channel mixer 

3x Martin audio speakers

2x Martin audio subs 

2x Mackie SRM 450 Monitors

1x Behringer B112D Monitor

1x Boss guitar amp 

1x Marshall mk 100 guitar amp 

1x Drum Kit (Kick, floor tom, 2 rack toms, hi hat stand, 3 cymbal stands, snare, snare stand)(Drummers to bring standard breakablesl)

3x SM58 Mics

2x Instrument Mics

5x Mic Stands

2x DI Boxes